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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Baldwin City, KS

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Passion and High Quality Service Makes For Great Results

Are you carpets in need of a cleaning in Baldwin City? We’ve got you covered at Brooke’s Chem-Dry in Baldwin City. We’re passionate about our jobs and giving you high quality service all around. That’s why we have top of the line equipment and products to make sure your carpets get the best cleaning while being safe for you and your family. We get a deep and healthy carpet clean and our solution called, The Natural, doesn’t have any toxic or harsh ingredients. Give us a try today; you won’t regret it.

Baldwin City Carpet Cleaning Process

We use a carbonation process, which is similar to how club soda works. There are millions of tiny bubbles going deep beneath your carpets to pull up dirt and junk. Since we use a carbonation process, it allows us to use less water. You can feel safe with our product since we don’t use harsh chemicals. Our carpet cleaning solution, The Natural, is green certified and on the FDA G.R.A.S (generally recognized as safe) list. Since we use less water, this allows your carpets to dry in only a couple of hours. In comparison with our competitors, who use more water and it can take up to a couple of days to dry. Using more water has the potential to form mold under your carpets as well. So, our product not only has natural ingredients, but you are less likely to have mold form under your carpets. Give us a call today a 913.351.3508 to learn more or schedule an appointment here

A Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service in Baldwin City

You won’t regret our carpet cleaning service in Baldwin City, our experts are passionate about getting the best results for you. We want you to have a happy and healthy home. Give us a call today at 913.351.3508 or schedule your APPOINTMENT, we can’t wait to meet you and make a difference in your carpets.